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Plump Up the Volume

Since this is a 4 post Challenge, it will be time for you to Plump Up the Volume or plump up your posts. Pack as much quality content in your posts as possible. Make your audience want more!
My morning routine has always included having something to read while I eat breakfast. For years, I read the paper, delivered to my doorstep. As my blogging increased, so did the list of blogs that I followed. They now queue up on my RSS reader. 

Take advantage of this Challenge to highlight an interest that is considered alternative or not.
Who would I like to see linkup?
Artists - tattoo, performance, all mediums
Fiber artisans - quilters, sewers, clothing and costume designers

All are welcome, please follow the guidelines. Signups will open on March 27, 2017.

Have you heard about the April Alternative Challenge?

A low pressure blog and Instagram linkup April 2017.

Letter prompts and even the word "Alternative" are open to interpretation. Any and all welcome, just remain within the few guidelines.

Who would I like to see linkup?
Politics - I like to read all opinions

Alternative fashion, that includes steampunk. One example of that genre is the costume design in the movie Wild Wild West.

Fortune tellers, mystics, gypsies, tramps and thieves ...

Stay tuned for the open linkup to the April Alternative Challenge.

Announcing the April Alternative Challenge

Join me in this weekly challenge beginning the first week of April 2017.

These topic letters are just suggestions.  You can do a four-part series story, a theme or simply topics that will build your audience. 

WEEK1: April 2-8 - any topic, any letter beginning with A through G
WEEK2: April 9-15 - any topic, any letter beginning with H through N
WEEK 3:  April 16-22 - any topic, any letter beginning with O through U
WEEK 4:  April 23-28 - any topic, any letter beginning with V through Free Pass. 

Link up, just once, to your blog or Instagram account.  The linkup will begin March 27, 2017.

There are rules, and here comes the legalese part. I, as the one and only moderator, reserve the right to remove any and all links that include
Advertising of any kind
Other random and arbitrary rules I decide at the last minute (kind of kidding) as this Challenge may morph into something different as time goes by.

Pretty please keep it Family Friendly and post the 4 times during AAC.

The main poin…