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Ready, set, signup for the April Alternative Challenge 2017

This is the signup page for the April Alternative Challenge 2017.

As challenge host, I will visit and comment (if you allow comments) but will not be policing posts. Mention of the challenge is much appreciated but not required.

Back story on the images I have been using, I have an extensive collection of 35 mm slides. The majority of the photos were taken by my father and mother from the early fifties into the early seventies. I have other slide collections I purchased secondhand that I use as stock photos.

In the image above, my father is the first runner on the left. The event was a Sunday School picnic in 1963 held somewhere in Washington state.

Comments are closed for this page. You can email me through my address listed on the contact tab.

If you happen to be participating in another April challenge, all the better.

Ready, set, signup - We want to find you and you want to be found!

Signups for the April Alternative Challenge 2017 just one week away

Time to celebrate! Signups are just one week away and will stay open until April 8th, the last day of the Challenge. 

My main motivation for hosting this event is to find new blogs and bloggers/Instagrammers, alternative or not.

The challenge consists of 4 posts or images, one each week so you can show your audience you have all the right stuff for them to return for more.

I don't require any "follows" or "follow me, I follow you." 

I don't require any linkbacks or mentions (even though both are nice).

This is a low pressure, fun event, you can linkup on the first day or linkup on the last day. The Challenge police will be asleep at the wheel for that type of monitoring. 

We want to find you and you want to be found.  Join the Alternative!

Feeling like a lone cow on the range?

Join the April Alternative Challenge 2017!
Don't be left in the dust. Your audience wants to find you and you want to be found. Linkup just once beginning March 27, 2017. 

All are encouraged to participate - link up both your blog AND Instagram account. The only links I will remove are those with advertising. 

I won't be policing posts or rounding up lost strays.  Break away from the herd to participate in a new annual event.

You won't have to bend over backwards

To participate in the 2017 April Alternative Challenge!

No extra links here, there and everywhere.  Just signup once to participate.  Four posts of your choosing. Make it a theme, choose a "letter" day during each week, or treat us to a four-part series.

Who would I like to see join the Challenge?  Authors, poets, fitness and mommy bloggers, foodies, freaks and fun seekers.

We want to find you and you want to be found.  Join the Alternative!

Signups begin on March 27, 2016.